“They came out of the hotel and the Bath House “Friedrichsbad” holding their hands. In front of the porch of this massive building there were parked two carriages and a huge double-decker omnibus, which according to the attached metal sign, ran between Darłowo and Darłówko” – a quote from a bestseller book of Marek Krajewski entitled “Phantoms of Breslau”.

For nearly 200 years (formerly Rügenwalde Bad) have had impeccable reputation of sea resort. The first health resort visitors have come here since 1814 shortly after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Then, following the advice of doctor G. Bütner, who discovered the healing qualities of local seaside climate, the special bathing houses were built – separate for men, women and children. Nearby the harbor (the current street name Kąpielowa) a hostelry, named later “Fridrichsbad”, was built. The name derived from King Frederic Wilhelm IV who made the building his private summer mansion. The building was taken in use at the turn of June and July 1814.

According to the records, the Bathing House “Friedrichsbad” had fulfilled its function till 1940. In the 90’s the building was used as a summer complex known under the name ANTENA – the state ownership of the Workers’ Holiday Fund.

Since 2001 this place has been a private property. The current owner – Anna Pajewska – has changed the name of building into APOLLO. This historical building underwent a complete restoration preserving its unique old character and combining the current standards of four-star hotel. Reopened in 2007 by virtue of the decision of the Marshal of West-Pomeranian Province it was classified as HOTEL and received the category of four stars. In renovated interiors of the old “Friedriechsbad”, the Apollo Hotel situated close to the sea delights its guests with the enchanting view of the sandy beach and gives the opportunity of admiring the impressive sunrises and sunsets directly from the hotel bed.